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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rain – A Musical Emotion untold

( clouds surround the sun - the gates closing)
Atleast persons of my frequency will agree to me on one thing. The rendering of life is strange. We are born in one place  , bought up in  the other and finally live in another place. Each and every second brings us something new to look forward. The one which never ever changes are the hopes and memories . As I sit in my airconditioned cabin somewhere in the middle eastern continent with the scorching heat enveloping the cabin like a hot blanket , I feel weird. I was born in a place where we had rain and I came to work in a place where coolness is something related to air conditioners and rain is something which you rarely see.

Yes rain!!! the second romance in my life. Yeah!! you said it first one is with me. so no worries, but i miss my second one. I used to love those dark shades which precpitates from the clear sky and brings us that hope ...yes its going to rain. The impulses I get from that frame is beyond imagination. It fills me with hopes of a brighter tomorrow. It makes me happy and it makes in me a confidence. Does the rain has so much to do with us. Once I was describing the ectasy of rain to one of my peers and after listening to all those he said with a sigh , just go and ask what is rain for those who are always facing the fear of a land slide...anyways thats another part of the story. But I need to only enjoy the rains.

The significance of this miracle of nature is the things we sacrifice. Rain has everything. It creates in us a feeling of fullness and then it shows us how caring and loving are the people around us. Rain for me is an emotion. The emotion of an endless universe.

From the clouds to the pools ,each and every frame is adorable. The first drop brings hopes and then when it touches the earth it emanates the sweetness of earth which even an exotic perfume cannot match. The gentle kiss of the sky to the earth is such a loving site and in one moment it changes the tone, the rhythm and the tempo as if its an emphasized show of some hardcore lovers. Yes rain doubles up our emotions and then leaves you in a state of metamorphosis, out of the world.

No wonder it’s a stage where emotions rise up and builds in each and every nerve of yours and by emotions comes the most beautiful boon to human life – music, a language, a culture, a way of life to the majority of homo sapiens.

Many stories surround the inspiration savoured by the great musicians around the world and our mystic India was never left out. Great compositions based on great ragas formulated and handed over from generation to generation still keeps the flame lingering in all our minds, that nature lives in music and nature sings through rain.

( the colours bright and vivid - singing to the tune)
In this alien land , bright sands and shades of brown , I miss my dark shades and the freshness which keeps on coming after and after. I close my eyes and still think of that window through which I used to enjoy the puddles and the drops of ecstasy.
I still see those flowers in my garden which looks like a bride excited and dressed up for her marriage. I love those " kanthari" in wide contrast. Rain- isn't she adorable, cleanses everything and dress themu p to thier fullest glory.

( "kanakambram" after rain)
The magic it creats is beyond imaginiation. and when I close my eyes and feel the coolness , I hear her. The flutters of the leaves and the dripping sounds pilots the thought of her coming. Yes she is on her way to us , to become one among us and then to dry away in the earth as an epitome of the love which the sky has for earth.

("kanthari mulaku" vivid and bright after a rain)
The emotions it leads fills in me an urge to listen to the great mastros and the ragas which she has helped them to emanate.Finally one ends up in Raag Malhar or Raga amrutha varshini. Two cultural focals of the same frame.
When we hear Raag Malhar , it trancends to the great "Tana  & Riri"  who helped the great maestro Tanzen to ease out his bodily heat which was being unberabale for him. Tana riri  who were sisters sung in Raag Malhar and the sky showered his love thus helping Tanzen out of his burden.
Speaking of this raga , the sculpture which comes infront of me is
" Aanandhamrithakarshini amruthavarshini" a beautiful composition by Sri Muthuswamy Dikshitar . I have heard many people singing the same. Never ever one finds it boring or a burden to your ears. Maestros in Indian music has been overwhelmed by this "krithi" , be it an instrumentalist or a vocalist.

The legend also has something to tell about this famous krithi. The great incarnation dakshina murthi used his own creation to bring rains to a drought ridden "llasanadu" and futher he had to do some modification in the krithi to stop the rain.

Anyways there are numerous portions of this raga to be taken into discussion and for that one needs a wide range of knowledge. A common man like me likes this raga since he loves rain.

Wwe shall meet with another variant of this raga when we meet the next time in Rain -A Musical Emotion untold

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