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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Adding colours to life....

Many aspects of life have always admired me. Be it a religion, a faith, a belief , an emotion. The multi facets of life has always kept me admiring me the intricacies and complexeties of life. Rather the social order in which we live is highly vivid.
(A chandlier used in mosques in ancient gulf)

From time immemorial human kind has been trying to evolve , under the strong essence of perpetuation and good living. The extent of his amalgamation could be seen from the history and the ancient revealings which sometimes keeps us spell bound. The reason ,we think we are supreme.
Whenever I dwell into some pages of history, I wonder why always history has to revolve around wealth, supremacy or religion, directly or indirectly, be it a glorified one or the most outrageous.

Today I reside in one of the middle eastern countries far away from my home. The cultures are different, the ways of life are different.The selective conservatism profound in this region makes mind a pot full of thoughts ready to be steamed and cooked. That aspect of the great culture redefines relegion in its entirety and spells a boundary between every other relgion , culture or faith, whether good or bad.

Coincidently , while I started to pen down this thought of mine, I happenned to read the great Prophet Mohammed biography which was transalted and was send to me by one of my middle eastern friend. It was interesting to read the full family history and how the great relegion of Islam was born. But when I was going through that article which was around 180 pages , what I found is all good men think alike. By good I meant , the realisation of self existence and the acceptance of other's existance equally important.

So being a hindu I found , all the great scriptures carry and convey the same message. Be it Quran, Gita or Bible or as a matter of fact any other relgious preachings has ardently written down the principles to be a good citizen or more to be a good human soul.

The ethinicity or the localised development of the scriptures forced the people who followed to form into a religion so that the essence of the ideologies dont vanish. This was formualted during the period wherein communication and trasport was a dream far off and took a life time to travel distances. Thus without knowing each other ,the religions thrived independently with an independent soul and language.

Hence Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and many more relegions were a way of life which purely originated because of the local geography, local culture and the like minded people. Had it would have been formulated today I strongly beleive that there would be only one relegion to the entire human kind with the basis of exactly the same philosophy as in the olden scriptures.

Add colours to your life and may the next generation flourish under the unique code that Krishna, Allah, Jesus were none but the localised embodiment of good qualities which a society needed to perpetuate its generations. Dont fight over them, Dont cry over them, lets cherish the feelings and emotions which led these great incarnations to try and make the world harmless to human kind and nature.

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